A downloadable game for Windows


A/Space - Jump/Confirm

B/Shift - Dodge

X/Left Click - Light Attack

Y/Right Click - Heavy Attack

Start/Enter - Pause

As the sun sets over Freak City.... one very greedy boy goes on a quest for the ultimate prize...

You play as Craig, and your ultimate goal is to collect as many shiny garbage trinkets as possible.  Collect enough and you'll get a chance to collect the shiniest trinket of all....the Crown of the legendary Trash King!!!  But be careful!  The garbage is full of trash gremlins, spreading DISEASE! don't succumb!


- Liz Gravis (Character/Boss programming, Systems programming, Effects, Creative Director)

- Sammy Mahmoudi (Title art, Character Design, Planning, SFX)

- Lowlande4k (3D Art, Shaders, Craig's Animations)

- Dak Johnson (AI Programming)

- Andrew Bond-Harris (UI and Motion Programming)

- Ben Hopkins (Enemy Animation)

- Sam Leeke (Pixel and UI Art)

- J.C. Steed (Music & SFX)

Made for the DSOP Pompous Trash Jam

This game uses the 'Snap Crackle Pop' modifier.  The Trash King's voice is heavily warped and distorted synth dissonance, and Craig's voice on being hit or dying was specifically crafted to be as unpleasant as possible, to motivate you to get better at beating the Trash King


TrashKing_build02.zip 46 MB

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